Shadow the Border Collie

Our lovely 9 year old border collie Shadow has been missing since around 4.00pm yesterday.
He was last seen in our garden at The Haven, Horton, Gower after Rebecca our daughter had taken him for a walk.
ShadowHe is predominantly black with a marl/speckled chest and collar, one marl/speckled leg and a white tip at the end of his tail.He has just been clipped very short but usually has a longer coat. He is very friendly.
Unfortunately he did not have his collar and tag on which usually is on at all times. (he is chipped)
Shadow is well know in in our village by both residents and regular holiday makers who shout to him when they pass our house. At this time of year he does sometimes follow holiday makers but we always find him very quickly and or he always returns within around an hour if we can’t find him.
If you have information which may help us find Shadow we would be very grateful. We can be contacted on our mobiles today.  
Thank you very much.


Update 25th August 2016

Thank you so much for putting our message up so promptly.
We have now found Shadow thank goodness. He is in Barry Island!!!!!
Thank you again for your help.