Snitch the tom cat, Pennard

Snitch has been missing from Pennard Drive, Pennard for four weeks. He may be shut in someone’s garage or shed by accident. Please let me know if you find him.

Update 10/01/17

Great news. He is back.

I had a phone call lunchtime from a lady living about a mile from me to say my cat was in her barn.
She had been to the charity shop in the village this morning. The one that is raising funds for our local library. She saw his poster I had put there and recognised it as the same cat that had been sleeping in her barn for the last few weeks. She had been feeding him so he is reasonably fit.
I’m amazed and very pleased. I had almost given up hope.
I’ve only now gone into my lap top to start telling people so you are one of the first ┬áto know he is back.
Thank you so very much for putting my advert on your site. I am extremely grateful. It gave me another chance of getting him back.
I hope I won’t have to trouble you again but it is very good to know your are there if he decides to wander again.